Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dark Magenta

The world stops like a film frame
when I look in your dark magenta eyes
in the sky at night, all its purple
stolen from the stars by seagulls
who make the wind do their bidding
I look deep into your eyes so dark
where colours dance on flames of light
in the sky at night where stolen purple
rises from the sea to fill the gaps
between the clouds that could be used
as jewels by native Americans
before they knew they were indigenous
when they  loved the land that
rises from the sea to mountains made
of snow white snow or are they clouds
before they're tooled by trickster seagulls
who bid the wind to take them up
to summits unreachable as naked men
then again, in your dark magenta eyes
anything is possible.

**From a completed poetry challenge in 2012. The topic is colours.

© 2012 Mach B

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