Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seven wise sages

Seven wise sages uncover the truth
in a crypt only seven could find
One of the sages ran off with some proof
that exploded in his face, now he's blind.

Six wise sages split up all the facts
in what was supposedly even shares
One of the sages was given the axe
when another sage split his hairs. 

Five wise sages have carried their find
to their homes on each corner of the globe
One of those sages began to unwind
and was relieved of his frontal lobe.

Four wise sages try to find their nook
as their veracity they debate
One of those sages writes a tell-all book
And quite promptly that sage becomes late.

Three wise sages feel fear for their lives
when they finally do all of the math
One of those sages he plays with some knives
and he cuts himself bad in the bath.

Two wise sages know that one wants it all
and decide they should fight to the death
One of those sages, he hires Darth Maul
to use the dark side on the sage left.

One wise sage he buries the truth
after a death that nature assigned
among his bones therein lies the proof
in a crypt only seven could find.

**From a completed poetry challenge in 2012. The topic is the number seven.

© 2012 Mach B

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