Saturday, June 30, 2012


Will you see the same thing I do
when the angels dance themselves free?
Gone are the chains that hold them when
we agree not to disagree.

And what would the poets write if
we decide to think one the same
and you all agree with my view,
no matter whose view we might blame?

You will see the same thing I do
when the demons escape to hell,
fleeing the glaring peace on earth
like some thieves from an alarm bell.

We'll sing a song in harmony
but the chords will sound very wrong
because we're singing monotone
after all we sing the same song.

You will sing the same note I do
and we'll live in a blissful peace
with no need for different humans,
trapped in sameness, without release.

So next time that you might argue
do so with your biggest smile
while peace on earth is a great cause,
conflict's what makes living worthwhile.

**From a completed poetry challenge in 2012. The topic is Rorschach tests.
© 2012 Mach B

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