Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Satisfaction on a hot summer day

Passionate heat increases
as sweat drips from every pore.
I look lustily at you.
My body desires yours.

With my all-embracing mouth
I try so hard to take you,
all of you, all the way;
an event long-overdue.

But I find you so immense,
can’t fit no more than your tip.
My tongue shivers with delight
as you glide across my lip.

And when my brain recovers,
luckily enough, before
the mess streaming from your peak
falls to the carpeted floor.

Pleased to have had the forethought
to wrap you with protection
saving precious carpet from
your premature ejection.

Leaving more of it for me
and my hunger, ravenous.
I lick every tasty inch
of your now softening flesh.

When, again, you start to flow,
amazing, first as trickles
then gushing creamy juices
against my face, that tickles.

The end has come so I suck
harder, draining the chocolate
banana, mess on my face.
No worries, I’m not distraught.

With a last and softened crunch
followed by a sated moan,
you are a part of me now,
my delicious ice cream cone.

© 1998 Mach B

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