Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 7 - Ghosts

Ok. I had a really long involved day today and couldn't write a serious sort of poem. I got a laugh out of this one but it is probably a bit politically incorrect - so I'll apologise in advance if I'm offending anyone and will post it anyway.

The Casper Rap

Casper say boo
but you did know
he was friendly,
but had three bad bros
they treated him nasty
he was their bitch
his good friend Wende
she was a witch.

he say boo.
he say Boo.

He liked to hang
In a haunted house
he scared some people
even scared a mouse
He wasn’t no gansta
He wanted a friend
And like most white boys
He had a happy end.

He say boo
C’mon say boo

© 2009 Mach B

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