Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 5 - Memories

She takes it from the closet with
The secrecy of thieves
And looks both ways for privacy
Before she even leaves.

Clutched very closely to her chest
She holds her treasure thus
And makes her way o’er to her bed
Without much noise or fuss.

Once on her bed she shows her prize
An ornate wooden box
But what’s inside her pirate’s chest?
She opens up the locks.

She lifts the lid and looks within
Her face lights up with joy
She sticks her hand into the stash
And pulls out a small toy.

It’s a little plastic compass
That she turns from side to side
And smiles at the tiny needle
Which no longer will guide.

Now it’s on the bed beside her
As all good things must pass
For a ring made of faux silver
Its gemstone made of glass.

On her finger how it glistens
She shows it to the air
Now she’s acting very girly
She tousles up her hair.

Then it catches her attention
The last item in her store
Her jaw drops down and opens
She’d forgotten there was more.

Her hand trembles as she grabs it
And pulls it from its place
An old edge-torn faded photo
Of a familiar face

She traces all of the contours
Her tiny finger shaking
As her teary eyes gaze fondly
Her tiny heart is breaking

She opens up her mouth to speak
But nothing does come out
A silent “Daddy” on her lips
Before they start to pout.

And then a knock is at her door
It causes her to start
She gathers up her secret stash
And hides it, she is smart.

Her mother enters, prim and prop
And tells her to come down
Her step-father has been waiting
To take them into town

A big smile for her mother
And then a nod, polite
Then she leans back a bit further
to keep the box out of sight

Her mother smiles in return
Then spins and leaves the room
And the little girl slumps sadly
Her face awash with gloom.

She hides the box back in its spot
And shuts the closet door
But not without that one last look
To remember him once more.

© 2009 Mach B

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