Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 2 – The walk home

I did not see that man,
the one eating from the can,
when I walked all the way
home to my house today.

He does not have a house,
And no kids and no spouse,
And no job, he’s lazy.
Either that or crazy

Because he talks to air,
Really, nobody was there.
That one time he grabbed me
He smelled like poo and pee

I struggled to escape
And started screaming, “Rape!”,
That’s when he let me go
I ran like hell, you know.

He didn’t chase after,
But I did hear laughter,
I turned toward the sound
and saw him on the ground.

Was he having a fit?
He’s laughing like a git.
“What’s wrong?” I called to him,
My face all taut and grim.

And still he laughed at me
How rude could someone be
I turned, started walking
And then he started talking.

“I’m a woman” he said
Out of his laughing head.
I turned and looked his way
Or her’s what I should say.

On my walk home there was
No man or can because
There’s a homeless woman
And her name is Sue Anne.

© 2009 Mach B

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