Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 10 – Money

Unfortunately we had to stop here because another event was happening on the site.  There’s a Day 11 poem but I can’t show it yet because it will be used for the other event.  This may continue after the other event is over….may…

Here’s the Day 10 poem:

The pauper doesn't know it
but he wants it anyway
The rich man wants to horde it
and he does so every day

The banker he banks on it
and he makes it as he does
The thief will take all of it
with no worries whose it was

The spirit turns its nose up
at your golden offerings
The body hungers for it
and for everything it brings

The money's all around you
but whatever the amount
once you are dead and buried
you can't transfer your account

© 2009 Mach B

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