Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I sit waiting for my numbers
watching your expressions,
whistling tunes of factory girls,
hoping to catch your attention.

I notice the symbols on your arm
while watching your natural grace.
I sip firmly on my soda straw
hoping we'll meet face to face.

But the game it’s not quite over
and my matches gone, what luck!
I ask you for your lighter
when I really want to fuck.

I throw it back and thank you,
you welcome me then turn.
So I think that I'm just horny,
when will I'll ever learn..?

Still I sit across and watch you move
till I think I’m going to peak.
See I feel like I might love you,
so I turn and start to speak.

But there's no time for conversation
the last numbers being called.
I'll have to meet you after,
if we are to meet at all.

The numbers out, so ends the game.
You rise to leave and then
I feel so doomed for knowing
that we'll never meet again.

Well we have exchanged our glances
still I feel it such a shame
to have to always love you
and never know your name.

© 1996 Mach B

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