Sunday, March 8, 2009

Her Shower Song (Tango)

Remembrance of a youth,
past the sandboxes of time,
past the plastic soldier’s dance,
past the dolls that that spoke in rhyme.
Past the wetting of my pants,

I just know there was an age,
where I didn't know an I,
where I didn't know a you.
Where I didn't need ask why.
Where I didn't feel so blue,

unless there was reason,
such as diapers that were soiled,
such as feedings over due,
such as food that tasted spoiled.
Such as when I wanted you,

and I feel that way again,
even though I'm very old,
even though you might not care,
even though the night is cold,
even though you’re never here,

to revive the dying fire.

© 2009 Mach B

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